Fine Arts

Azle ISD is committed to providing students with the highest level of instruction in visual and performing arts. Our fine arts program includes Art, Band, Choir, Color Guard, Dance, Theatre, and Elementary Music.

Our high school fine arts programs participate in state and national competitions annually, including UIL events such as Solo and Ensemble Contests, and receive top awards.

Fine Arts programs are part of the Azle ISD Curriculum Department.

Fine Arts Resources

Fine Arts Education

  • Develops collaborative and teamwork skills, technical competencies, flexible thinking, and an appreciation for diversity.

  • Raises achievement by strengthening learning through problem-solving, decision-making, and practical applications.

  • Develops a strong work ethic, self-discipline, a sense of pride and responsibility, and respect for others through performances and exhibitions.

  • Produces creative and disciplined thinkers who set goals and continually evaluate individual and group progress.

  • Develops communication and leadership skills through artistic expression.

  • Promotes an understanding of the influence of the arts on history and culture.

  • Fosters a life-long appreciation and involvement in the arts

Did You Know?

  • The longer students take fine arts classes in high school, the less likely they are to drop out, according to a study for The Center for Fine Arts Education.

  • Students in the arts outperform their non-art peers on the S.A.T. according to the College Entrance Examination Board.

  • Fine arts are key to success in college; test scores, attendance, and college entry are higher, and drop-out rates are lower in arts-centered schools in Texas (The College Board).