Azle ISD Launches Hornet Care Program

Azle ISD has launched Hornet Care in partnership with the Parker County Hospital District Outreach Program, giving students and staff the ability to receive telemedicine medical care onsite at each campus.

Using telemedicine and a Medpod Medical Cart in the nurse’s office at each Azle ISD campus, the healthcare needs of students and staff can be met in a convenient setting with each campus nurse. 

Families and staff members can enroll now so that paperwork is complete when services are needed.
Contact your school nurse for registration information.

Students with private health insurance or who are covered under Medicaid will provide that information during enrollment. Co-pay will vary and be discussed prior to the visit. Students who do not have health insurance will be provided options.

Staff members of Azle ISD will receive three visits at no cost and pay $30 for each additional visit. Commercial insurance will be billed for services provided when possible. 

If you have any questions, contact your school nurse, or the SBHC Liaison can be reached at 817-458-3331.

Azle ISD & PCHD partnering for Hornet Care