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Azle ISD uses social media as an outlet to communicate with parents, staff, and our community. We will update social media pages regularly to share information about student and staff achievements as well as other important district information. By engaging in social media, we are able to facilitate open, two-way communication with the Azle ISD community and extend our conversation(s) with you. Social media pages are maintained by Azle ISD campus/central administration staff and are moderated during regular business/school hours. The district’s social media commenting guidelines will be used as a basis for monitoring comments.

Follow the official Azle ISD social media pages:

Campus & Athletics Social Media Directory listed below.

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Azle ISD Social Media Guidelines

We invite your feedback through the commenting features on our social media sites. Please keep these comments relevant to the entry in question and consider that very long comments may put off fellow users. All posting of comments are at the discretion of the editors. The intent of these guidelines is not to keep any negative or critical information from being posted, but to protect the privacy and rights of district students and staff members.

Commenting Guidelines - We welcome your comments and look forward to what you have to say. We ask that your comments comply with the following guidelines:

  • Comments are not allowed that contain profanity, threatening or harsh words, vulgar language, or inappropriate language or content. Please use words that would be acceptable in a K-12 education setting.

  • Comments are not allowed if they include specific allegations, a personal attack or accusations about a student, parent, employee, or community member.

  • Comments are not allowed if they include private information about a student, parent, employee, or community member including directory information, disciplinary issues, personal issues, etc. or are considered likely to offend or provoke others.

  • Comments are not allowed if they include offensive language that targets ethnic, religious, racial, social, gender, or other specific groups.

  • Comments are not allowed if they include spam, advertisements promoting specific services or products, or links to other sites (including special offers or discounts for district employees).

  • Comments cannot serve electoral campaign purposes or political messages.

  • Participants are responsible for what they post. Comments may not break any law, confidentiality, or copyright, or encourage others to do so.

  • Comments cannot represent a person other than the one posting the comment.

  • To protect your privacy and the privacy of others, please do not include personally identifiable information such as phone numbers or email addresses in comments.

  • Reporters and other persons seeking responses to questions or requests are asked to send questions to the communications office through normal channels and to refrain from submitting questions as comments.

  • Anyone posting comments contrary to these guidelines may be prohibited from further participation.

We reserve the right to remove any comment at any time, for any reason, and may block the user if deemed appropriate. All sites are monitored and inappropriate comments made by students could result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. If you have a comment or wish to report an inappropriate comment, please contact the district communications office. Azle ISD is not responsible for the content on external websites linked to/from social media sites. Azle ISD reserves the right to update these guidelines at any time.

Social media sites are monitored by district officials, and we ask that you communicate appropriately.

Before posting, THINK - is it True? Is it Helpful? Is it Inspiring? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind?