OnRamps Information

OnRamps—an initiative of The University of Texas at Austin—provides academic opportunities and support to prepare students for college success. We do this by offering high-quality, dual-enrollment courses in STEM, Arts, and Humanities.

OnRamps offers semester- and year-long college-credit-bearing courses, designed by The University of Texas at Austin faculty, to give students a chance to experience college before college and prepare them for the academic and social expectations of higher education.

OnRamps Transcript FAQ

Students who earn and accept college credit in an OnRamps course may request a transcript from UT Austin's Office of the Registrar, Transcript Services, and have it sent to their chosen higher education institution. Students will not automatically receive a transcript.

Students must wait until the final course grade is recorded with the Office of the Registrar before ordering a transcript. Students may use the Registrar's See My Grades application to confirm their course grade is posted to their UT Austin transcript.

OnRamps students may use the online transcript ordering system for the three years following the end of their course.

The information below is provided to help answer some of the common questions related to OnRamps transcripts. More information may also be found on the
OnRamps website.

Should I keep the Letter Grade or choose the Pass/Fail transcript option?

OnRamps Courses

  • Rhetoric and Composition

  • Statistics

  • Biology

  • Chemistry 1 & 2

  • Physics

  • Geoscience

  • US History

  • Algebra

  • Quantum Computing

  • Computer Science

  • Arts & Entertainment Technologies

  • Economics

Below there are links and sample information for public Texas institutions, private Texas institutions, and popular out-of-state institutions. If one of your top five schools is on this list, it may help you make your decision. In general, public colleges in Texas accept either version, except for the University of Texas and Texas A&M, who prefer the "Graded Transferable Credit" in the form of the letter grade. Private colleges in Texas tend to not accept Pass/Fail credits. The public out-of-state examples below tend to highlight, similarly to public Texas colleges/universities, that they will accept either transcript grade form, but the Pass/Fail option will not be factored into the collegiate GPA.

General Recommendation - 
Knowing that most colleges and universities, regardless of public or private, tend to prefer and utilize the Letter Grade Transcript, it may be in your best interest to keep this option and do your very best in the OnRamps courses. This also keeps the doors open for you in many respects as you narrow down your college options to the institution that you will attend.