Azle’s Marching Green Pride Will Be Traveling in Style with New Trailer

On Monday, March 8, 2021, Azle High School band’s new equipment trailer rolled into Azle. The trailer was delivered to the Azle ISD Administration Building where School Board Trustees got to check it out before the Board meeting.

The new trailer is a 2000 model re-furbished trailer, which is about 20 years newer than the band’s current trailer.

The replacement trailer was much needed. Each time the band travels to games and contests, approximately $280,000 worth of school-owned equipment and around $130,000 worth of student-owned equipment is loaded in the trailer. Even though repairs had been made to the current trailer over the last few years, the consensus was that the trailer was not structurally sound enough to put on the road, and posed a major safety concern.

The floor was rotting out, the metal frame underneath was rusting badly, the air-lines leaked, the interior and exterior lighting did not function, shelving was inadequate, and the stairs and ramps were a safety hazard every time the trailer was loaded. It also leaked water every time it rained.

The new trailer will help provide a safer loading and unloading environment for students, staff, and parents, as well as keeping equipment safe while traveling. It has electric-powered aluminum ramps and stairs which will alleviate many of the safety concerns experienced with loading the previous trailer. Additionally, there are interior and exterior lights on the new trailer which will help with safety while loading and unloading in the dark, and alleviate the need to rely on flashlights for this.

“We are very grateful to Azle ISD and their generosity in this purchase which will serve the students of the Marching Green Pride for the next 20 years,” said AHS Band Director Aaron Martin. 

new band trailer photo collage