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Heather Huffaker-Azle High School Counselor

The Career & Technical Association of Texas (CTAT) recently recognized Heather Huffaker with the  2019 CTAT Career Guidance Award. The CTAT Member Awards recognize excellence and dedication within the field of career and technical education.  This award recognizes the finest full-time school counselors for their professionalism working directly with students in a guidance capacity. Heather was first honored in May by the CTENT (Career & Technical Educators of North Texas) and then progressed to the state interview process. The state awards luncheon was held at the Hyatt Regency in Houston July 18, 2019. Recipients of these awards are exceptional individuals who have contributed to the success of CTE through the quality of their work and their involvement in the CTE community.  Each of the region candidates were introduced and Heather was honored with the State Award. 

Heather Huffaker has an insight to guidance and career because she left a successful career in International Business to enter the world of education and pursue a new career.  After a few years as a math teacher, she came to Azle High School to serve as part of a counseling team. Fourteen years ago  when she came to AHS she brought with her work-based knowledge, technology skills and a vision with energy.  Now she serves as the lead of a six person counseling team. Heather is futuristic and understands the vital role that CTE plays in education.  Her vision advises all students toward “College and Career” not limiting them to one or the other.  She is innovative and knowledgeable when assisting students with four year plans and endorsements.  Heather thrives to help students identify their skills and talents as they investigate endorsements.   In designing the master schedule, it is her job is to ensure that all students have equitable access to all classes.

Her guidance position is not a job—it is an investment in student’s lives and an investment in our future.  Past, present and future, Heather Huffaker is “All In” for what is best for students.