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The Heroes for Children Award

Marcos Braz


The State Board of Education will recognize Marcos Braz for being an outstanding school volunteer for Azle ISD District 11.  Mr. Braz will receive the Heroes for Children Award, September 14 in Austin, Texas.  The ceremony will be at 9:00 am at the William B. Travis State Office.  


Marcos Braz (Azle ISD - SBOE District 11)

Marcos Braz, an engineer, knows that there are plenty of jobs in the industrial refrigeration area but there are not always enough skilled workers.  He approached Azle ISD officials about training high school students in advanced physics as it related to refrigeration.  He donated all the equipment needed for the refrigeration program and teaches a class free of charge.  Now Azle ISD has the only program in the U.S. that is training high school students in the natural refrigeration industry.  Six students have already received the Certified Assistant Refrigeration Operator certification.

Click link to view the presentation of the award being given to Mr. Marcos Braz.                                                   

Heroes for Children Award Ceremony


Refrigeration Class 17-18