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Civil War Traveling Trunk Visits Forte Junior High

March 4, 2022

Mrs. Hinkle’s history classes at Forte Junior High stepped back in time to explore the Civil War through a very special hands-on learning experience. 

Forte was selected to participate in the Civil War Traveling Trunk program through American Battlefield Trust. This program provides reproduction of Civil War artifacts, books, and music, along with other materials and activities for teachers to utilize during their Civil War-era instruction. “The trunk fosters a greater interest in the American Civil War and in battlefield preservation by allowing students to have a hands-on experience,” (American Battlefield Trust). 

The Traveling Trunk arrived at Forte on Monday, February 28, and will be shipped back on Friday, March 4. “As a teacher, nothing can replace hands-on learning for students,” said Hinkle. “My ultimate goal is to create my own Civil War trunk.”

During the 2019-2020 school year, the trunks crisscrossed the nation, visiting 78 schools, in 26 states. By the end of the 2019-2020 school year, the trunks reached more than 15,000 students. Forte was chosen to receive the Trunk during that time, but the program was put on hold due to COVID. We are grateful our students had the opportunity to participate this year.
Civil War Trunk artifacts