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Arrival/Dismissal Procedures


Campus Staff will greet students at the door and cars should drop off in a single lane drop off in the parking loops. 5th Grade/Siblings/Carpool/Daycare are dropped on the front loop off of Lakeview Drive, and 6th Grade are dropped on the side loop off of Ash Street.

Crosswalk duty on the intersection of Lakeview and Ash will be provided by the custodians and additional aides in the morning and afternoon at 7:30-7:45 AM and 3:15-3:30 PM.

Morning Drop-Off Procedures (Drop Off 7:30-7:45 AM – TARDY at 7:45 AM):

Please enter our DROP OFF and form a single lane drop off on the right lane only. Students should exit the vehicle on the passenger side (face covering on). Please drop off students as soon as traffic stops and your vehicle is within the marked loading/unloading zone.

As soon as the traffic has stopped moving, all 8-10 vehicles should unload simultaneously to facilitate unloading groups of vehicles at one time to be able to move the traffic line with efficiency. Students should proceed on the sidewalk to the front door entry. PLEASE DO NOT PASS VEHICLES AS STUDENTS MAY BE EXITING ON DRIVER’S SIDES OF VEHICLES. DO NOT DROP OFF STUDENTS IN THE PARKING LOT AREAS!!!

Please remember that it is a state traffic violation to use your cell phone in a school zone area. No cell phones in drop off lanes!

Buses drop off in the Bus Loop off of Lakeview Drive.

Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures:
5th Grade/Siblings-Carpool-Daycare in Front Parking Lot off of Lakeview Drive & 6th Grade load in Side Parking Lot off of Ash Avenue. Please follow the direction of the traffic director. Students will be loaded in rounds with students loading cars in the striped loading/unloading zone line between the lanes of traffic once traffic is stopped for loading.

Front lanes (in front of school-off of Lakeview Drive) are for 5th Grade, Siblings or Multi-grade Carpools, & Daycare Vans, and lines will form in a double lane fashion all the way around the traffic circle.
Side lanes (on side of school-off of Ash Street) are for 6th Grade, and lines will form in a double lane fashion all the way around the traffic circle.

Walkers/Bike Riders:
Students may only be considered a walker if they are actually walking or riding a bike to a residence located within the nearby school neighborhoods. Students MUST have a Walker Release Form completed and on file. Contact Elizabeth Gorman at to notify her of your child needing to walk or ride a bike home.

Ride Changes:
Contact Elizabeth Gorman at to notify her of any ride changes from the normal transportation routines for your child.