Azle Elementary Vision-Mission-Beliefs


    To grow as an educational community, it is important to understand and center our decisions on our Vision, Mission, and Beliefs and then comprehend our own responsibility as a leader to successfully reach our goals. 

    To focus on learning and student success through structures of support and continuous improvement in partnership with parents and community.

    To reach EVERY child by providing guiding leadership to foster resilience, opportunity, and growth to enable both academic and personal success.

    Rock Manifesto - Declaration of Beliefs
    A rock will go through many changes. It will adapt to the situation at hand and still maintain its identity and composition.

    At The Rock, we promote the idea of adapting and changing to the situation, while still maintaining the identity of what makes “you” you.

    So here’s to those who “ROCK.” Those who show signs of strength, stability, and history.
    Thousands have walked our halls and left a legacy.

    We produce the future of Azle and stand behind them.
    We were first. We are family. Welcome home.

    We are the “ROCK.”