Azle High School Mission Statement

  • The mission of Azle High School is to ensure that all of our students have access and opportunity to engage in rigorous curriculum designed to support their advancement into education and to develop their academic, technical, and social skills to be productive members of a global society.

    Azle Hornets are Proud, Prepared, Persistent, Prompt, Proven, and Professional.
    Staff, students, parents, and our community have made Azle High School a terrific place to be. The expectations at AHS are set high. We believe that every student can be successful. We will continue to strive for excellence and continue to move forward in our efforts to ensure Azle High School reaches its maximum potential. 
    Parents, thank you for giving us the honor and privilege to serve you and your student. With your support and encouragement, AHS will continue to be a quality school and your student will be successful.
    At Azle High School we are "Achieving Higher Standards"
    Work Like a Champion to be a Champion!