Health Occupations Student Association (HOSA)

  • HOSA offers membership and competition to students enrolled in the Health Science Programs of Study.

    AHS HOSA Advisors:

    Tiffany Shaw
    Jimmy Rider

About HOSA

  • HOSA- Future Health Professionals is a career and technology student organization recognized by the United States Department of Education. HOSA provides a unique program of leadership development, motivation and recognition to attract career-minded, qualified students to health care professions. HOSA, TA (Texas Association) is a state charter of National HOSA, consisting of local chapters and members who are currently enrolled in or associated with Health Science Technology Education Programs as conducted by or in secondary and post-secondary/collegiate schools of Texas, or interested in pursuing a career in a medical profession. HOSA students develop essential knowledge and skills that prepare them to explore and pursue a career in health care.

    HOSA participation provides opportunities for students to:

    • develop effective leadership qualities and skills;
    • enhance communication skills;
    • develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills;
    • build self-esteem through individual and group achievement;
    • participate in community service activities;
    • develop character and responsible citizenship traits;
    • set goals for lifelong learning and make realistic career choices;
    • network with health care professionals and peers who have similar goals;
    • and access student scholarship opportunities.

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