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    Your school has a great organization for your student to join! 

    Communities In Schools (CIS) of Greater Tarrant County is part of the national and state network of Communities In Schools organizations, and, as a whole, is considered the nation’s largest “stay in school” network. Our mission is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. For the current school year, Communities In Schools is serving 47 schools, located in nine school districts throughout Tarrant County. 

    Are you worried about your student/child in any of the following areas?

    • Homework Completion
    • Classroom Participation
    • Behavior and/or Attitude
    • Low Self Esteem and/or Social Skills
    • Gangs and/or Delinquent Behavior
    • Drugs and Alcohol
    • Low School Attendance

    Could your student/child/family benefit from any of the following?

    • Having someone at the school be an advocate for them
    • Finding affordable health insurance for your child with Medicaid and CHIP
    • Transportation to and from medical and dental appointments
    • Getting school supplies
    • Assistance with basic needs (food, clothing, shelter)
    • Getting your child involved through volunteering in their community
    • Getting your student ready for college

    Communities In Schools will do whatever it takes to help your student/child have a successful school experience! This is just the beginning of what CIS can do for your child. 

    For more information or to enroll your student/child in CIS today, please use the links below or contact your CIS Program Manager.

    Teacher/Staff Student Referral Form
    Parent Consent Form 
    Communities In Schools Greater Tarrant County Website