Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Spanish/minor in English / Spanish teaching certification Veteran of the Navy

Ms. Tera Bradshaw... La Maestra

Bienvenidos a la clase de español .... La maestra es Tera Bradshaw.

My Schedule:

1st period: CONFERENCE
2nd per- Spanish II PRE-AP
3rd per- Spanish II PRE-AP
4th per- Spanish II PRE- AP
5th per- Spanish II
6th per- Spanish II PRE-AP
7th per- Spanish II
8th per- Spanish II

I look forward to a great school year.

Grading Guidelines

  • Daily work: 60%    Exams/Quizzes: 40%

Make-up Work

  • If you are absent, you will find the work on Canvas.

    If you are absent for an Exam or quiz, you must come to tutorials to make up this grade.

Student Expectations

  • 1) Students are accountable for all assignments, including class participation, turning in work on time, and make up work.

    2) Students must communicate with the teacher when they are absent or concerned about grades. All students must contact the teacher within the same week; if there is no communication within the same week of the assignment, the grade will not be changed.

    3) Students must be respectful and considerate to everyone.

    4) Cellphones must be out of sight while the teacher is talking or teaching. If this becomes an issue, cellphone privileges will be taken.

    My tutorials are Wednesday afternoon from 4-4:45 p.m.

    ... If the time does not fit a time which a student can be here, I will be glad to accommodate that student. I need advance notice or discussion, and the student must write their name in the tutorial log with the time/ date at which they will come to get help. I am more than willing to help students that may be struggling or having issues that keep them from being in class.

    La Maestra Bradshaw