• Safety and Security

    Azle ISD is committed to making our schools the safest places for our children and adults who serve them. Safety and security measures in place for the 2019-2020 school year include the following:

    • Azle ISD has two Azle ISD Police Officers. New for the 2019-2020 school year:  Azle ISD hired a new Chief of Police. Chief Darren Brockway’s responsibilities include overseeing Azle ISD safety and security measures and truancy prevention. He will also have a strong presence on every elementary campus. The second officer’s primary role is teaching criminal justice courses at Azle High School. Both officers meet all current TCLOE licensed peace officer requirements and carry firearms.
    • New for the 2019-2020 school year:  Azle ISD has employed a full time mental health counselor devoted to helping the various needs of Azle ISD students and parents at all grade levels.
    • New for the 2019-2020 school year:  Azle ISD has a threat assessment protocol in place which includes a threat assessment team at both the district level and campus level.
    • New for the 2019-2020 school year:  Azle ISD will be using an additional component of our current Raptor visitor management system for emergency management. Raptor emergency management system combines best practices in helping provide Azle ISD with a comprehensive solution that includes drill management, active incident management, and parent-student reunification.
    • Azle Police Department School Resource Officers – a total of 4 ½ City of Azle Police Department officers are assigned to Azle ISD. This division of Azle PD is made up of a corporal, three officers, and a lieutenant to oversee this division. These officers are available for all campuses. Two of these SROs are assigned to Azle High School.
    • AISD will continue to use the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) from “I Love U Guys” and TX School Safety Center at ALL Azle ISD campuses. Standard Response Protocol (SRP) procedures are clearly displayed in every Azle ISD classroom.
    • ALL parents and visitors are required to “Buzz-In” at the front door of ALL AISD campuses during the school day. All exterior doors will remain locked during the school day.
    • Azle ISD uses Raptor Visitor Management to verify and check in all campuses visitors (verified per Driver License Scan)
    • Classroom doors at all campuses are locked during the school day.
    • As a result of the 2016 Bond Election, $1,611,700 was allocated to safety and security upgrades at seven campuses. This included controlled vestibules and controlled access.
    • The new Azle Elementary, Walnut Creek Elementary, and Silver Creek Elementary renovations include controlled vestibules and controlled access (also a result of 2016 Bond Election).
    • All Azle ISD campuses conduct all required safety drills. These include monthly fire evacuation drills as well as lockout, lockdown and shelter in place drills once a semester.
    • All campuses have updated Emergency Operation Plans (EOP) and have reviewed these with all staff. Standard response protocol cards are clearly displayed in ALL classrooms.
    • Azle ISD Central Administration, Campus Administration, Azle ISD PD, Azle PD, and Azle Fire Department conduct yearly formal training. Topics include active shooter discussion and table top scenarios using the NIMS incident command center structure. Follow up training and table top scenarios continue throughout the year.
    • Azle ISD has an Azle ISD Safety Committee – members include at least one representative from each campus, Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Azle ISD PD, Azle PD, Azle FD, lead counselor at the secondary and elementary campus level, and Azle ISD Board Member liaison.
    • Azle ISD encourages and creates a culture of faculty and staff getting to know students. This helps with staff being able to identify students who may be going through difficult times. It also helps foster a trust in which students will notify staff, teacher or an administrator of potential dangers. Administration, faculty and staff are encouraged to be visible in the hallways and aware of surroundings.
    • All AISD employees receive training in bullying, suicide prevention, and mental health awareness.
    • AISD Destination – 2022 Strategic Plan Goal #3 states students will participate in extra-curricular or co-curricular activities in grades 7-12.
    • AISD has an anonymous tip line available on our website and through the Azle ISD app.
    • AISD has a strong working relationship with the City of Azle, Azle Police Department, and Azle Fire Department.
    • All secondary students (grades 7-12) are required to wear student IDs.

    We will continue to review and reinforce all safety procedures on and around our campuses. 

    We are committed to being a strong and safe school community. This includes supporting the social and emotional health of children and adults through communication and vigilance.