As an Instructor, I focus on teaching the why and how behind cuisine.  How do we get the perfect steak every time?  Why do we go from tear-jerking onions to sweet sweeet caramelized goodness? Why does the pasta dough have to be just the right consistency?  How is water the death of chocolate? How has culture and history effected the food service industry as we know it today?  Why do most restaurants fail?

    Culinary Arts Education is the food science, history, mathematics, and linguistics around food, culture, and cuisine.



    Culinary Arts is a practiced skill and is the most employed industry in the world. As a trained and skilled Culinary professional, this gives you a career choice that sets you to earn one of the highest income earnings in the world.


    Culinary Arts means you can decide your own future and choices; Where to live (locally, nationally, and globally), How much you want to earn, and even local, national, and/or global status recognition!




    In the competitive restaurant & hospitality career market, Industry certifications will advance you to stand out in the crowd and amongst other applicants.


    We are able to certify you in professional areas of expertise, including National Restaurant Association ServSafe Certifications. 


    When you apply yourself fully in this program, you will be able and prepared to walk confidently into the top hospitality universities and career paths with skills where the options are in your favor.