Azle ISD School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) Bylaws

  • Azle Independent School District
    School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) Bylaws
    Revised September 30, 2022

    Article I – Name, Mission, and Statement of Purpose

    Section One: Name
    The name of this organization is Azle ISD School Health Advisory Council (SHAC).

    Section Two: Mission
    The mission of the SHAC is to promote school policies and practices that will improve the health and wellness of students, staff, families, and the community of Azle.

    Section Three: Purpose
    The SHAC shall have the following goals:

    1. Support a healthy and safe school environment that fosters learning.
    2. Establish healthy behaviors during childhood that carry over for a lifetime.
    3. Strengthen academic success by enriching health and physical activity opportunities.
    4. Promote the implementation of a coordinated school health program focused on the following components:
    5. Health education and services
    6. Physical education and physical activity
    7. Nutrition, environment, and services
    8. Counseling, psychological, and social services
    9. Social and emotional health
    10. Physical environment
    11. Employee wellness
    12. Family and community engagement

    Article II: Authority

    Section One: Statute and Policy
    Each school district in the state is required in Chapter 28 and Chapter 38 of the Texas Education Code, to establish and maintain a district-level school health advisory council. The School Health Advisory Council of the Azle Independent School District is specifically authorized by the Board of Trustees in district policy EHAA (LEGAL).

    Section Two: Limitations
    The SHAC shall be an advisory body, and shall serve to provide guidance, recommendations, and other assistance to the Board of Trustees as is specifically listed in state law and District policy. The SHAC shall have no power to expend public funds, enter into contracts, or otherwise place obligation or liability upon the district.

    Section Three: Bylaws
    It shall be the responsibility of SHAC to establish and amend the Bylaws. Amendments shall be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the members prs present.

    Article III: Responsibilities

    Section One: Responsibilities
    According to state law, the SHAC shall have the following responsibilities:

    1. To hold regular meetings.
    2. To report annually to the Board of Trustees.
    3. The SHAC will make recommendations to the district on topics relating to health and the health education of AISD students and AISD employees. In advising the district, the SHAC will be guided by the eight components of Coordinated School Health as identified by the Department of State Health Services. These include:
      1. Nutrition Services
      2. Health Services
      3. Healthy and Safe School Environment
      4. Counseling and Mental Health Services
      5. Staff Wellness Promotion
      6. Parent/Community Involvement
      7. Physical Education
      8. Health Education
      9. Suicide Awareness
    4. To provide recommendations to the Board of Trustees on appropriate grade levels and methods of instruction for human sexuality instruction.
    5. To provide recommendations to the Board of Trustees on the number of hours of instruction to be provided in health education.
    6. To recommend strategies for integrating the curriculum components with the following elements in a coordinated school health program for the district:
      1. School health services;
      2. Counseling and guidance services;
      3. A safe and healthy school environment; and
      4. School employee wellness.
    7. To assist the school district in any other capacity that falls within the guidelines of health, wellness, or physical activity of our students.
    8. To provide a written annual report to the Board of Trustees each year.

    Article IV: Membership

    Section One: Membership Criteria
    The membership composition of the SHAC shall comply with the following:

    1. Each member will serve a one-year term and may serve in subsequent years.
    2. Parents must live within the district and must be a custodial parent or guardian of a student currently enrolled in this district school.
    3. The majority of the SHAC members will consist of parents of students currently enrolled in the district who are not employed by Azle ISD.
    4. The Board of Trustees may also appoint one or more persons from each of the following groups: public school teachers; public school administrators; district students; health care professionals; the business community; law enforcement; senior citizens; the clergy; nonprofit health organizations; and local domestic violence programs.

    Section Two: Conflict of Interest
    No individual shall be nominated for or hold a position on the SHAC if that individual has a direct pecuniary interest in the recommendations of that committee and decisions by the Board of Trustees. Even the appearance of a conflict of interest should be avoided if at all possible. A lone agenda item shall not be cause for the elimination of an individual’s membership; however, any such individual shall refrain from participation in decisions and voting as to that issue.

    Article V: Meeting

    Section One: Committee Meetings
    Regular meetings will be held no less than four times per school year. Meeting dates will be posted on the Azle ISD website. The exact number of meetings will be determined by the needs of the SHAC.

    TEC Section 28.004 requires SHACs to hold two public meetings on the curriculum material related to human sexuality instruction, child abuse, family violence, dating violence, and sex trafficking before adopting recommendations.

    Section Two: Public Questions and Comments
    Meetings are open to the public. Virtual meeting links will be posted on the district SHAC webpage.

    Individuals who wish to speak to the SHAC should email a request to the SHAC Coordinator at least one week before a set meeting date. The Coordinator will share the request with the SHAC Chairperson(s). The email should include name, contact information, and the concern or issue. Any written request will be considered at the collaborative discretion of the chair, co-chair, and coordinator.

    Section Three: Special Meetings
    A special meeting may be scheduled to further discuss a topic, or when a second public meeting is required to vote on curriculum material sooner than the next scheduled meeting.

    Section Four: Voting
    A simple majority of the members present at the regular SHAC meeting is needed to approve a motion with a minimum of 8 attendees to make a quorum.

    Section Five: Attendance
    Members are encouraged to contact the SHAC Coordinator if they know they cannot attend. A sign-in sheet will be used at in-person meetings to keep track of attendance and attendance will be noted in the minutes for each meeting. For virtual meetings, attendance will be kept by members indicating their presence in the chat box.

    Section Six: Communication
    Agendas will be provided prior to each meeting. Meeting notices will be posted on the district website 72 hours prior to each meeting. Meetings will be recorded and minutes will be taken for each meeting. Agendas, meeting minutes, and recordings will be posted on the district website.

    Article VI: Officers

    Section One: Terms of Service
    The SHAC shall select or accept volunteers for the positions of Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, and Secretary from members of the Council.

    In Texas, the chair and/or co-chair must be a parent of a student enrolled in the school district and cannot be an employee of the school district (TEC Section 28.004).  Each will serve a one-year term. The officers may serve multiple terms. Officers shall be selected at the first SHAC meeting of the school year.

    Section Two: Responsibilities of Chairperson

    1. Work with SHAC coordinator to develop the agenda for each meeting.
    2. Designate person to take minutes if secretary is not present or was not appointed.
    3. Provide support in the development of the annual SHAC report.
    4. Leads or assists Coordinator in leading meetings.

    Section Three: Responsibilities of Co-Chairperson

    1. Presides at SHAC meetings in the absence of the Chair.
    2. Work with the SHAC coordinator to develop the agenda for each meeting.
    3. Provide support in the development of the annual SHAC report.

    Section Four: Responsibilities of Secretary

    1. Preside at meetings when both the chair and vice-chair are absent.
    2. Take minutes of each meeting Keep track of attendance.
    3. Present minutes of the previous meeting at the following SHAC meeting.
    4. Provide support in the development of the annual SHAC report.

    Article VII: SHAC Coordinator

    The SHAC Coordinator shall be an Azle ISD employee appointed by the Superintendent to serve in this capacity.

    Section One: Responsibilities of the SHAC Coordinator

    1. Prepare and distribute meeting notices and arrange the location of meetings.
    2. Provide members with agendas and background material prior to meeting.
    3. Serve as custodian of all SHAC records.
    4. Development and submission of SHAC’s annual report.