Procedures for Filing a Discrimination Complaint

  • The Child Nutrition Programs Procedure for a Discrimination Complaint.

    The following guidelines are to be followed should anyone come forward with a discrimination complaint within the Child Nutrition Programs at this Local Education Agency.

    The complaint form can be found on the district website at>departments>school nutrition>file a complaint.

    • Any person that approaches the Child Nutrition Program staff and claims they have been discriminated should be encouraged to complete the Discrimination Complaint Form. A member of the Child Nutrition Program can assist with the process. If the person chooses not to complete the form, the staff assisting the person may take the information verbally and complete the form.
    • The Discrimination Complaint Form, once completed or completed as best as possible, is forwarded to the Child Nutrition Program Director.
    • The Director forwards the Discrimination Complaint Form to the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), Food and Nutrition Division, Compliance Department, and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).