House Border
  • Dear Parents,

    We are excited to announce that Liberty will be staring back with our houses. Our house program enhances the already amazing climate and culture of our school.

    If you are not already familiar with our house program all new students and staff members will be randomly sorted into one of six houses.  Each house will have a representation of every grade level, and students will remain in the same house until they leave our school.  You may be wondering, “What will a house system do for my student(s)?”

    • It increases opportunities for student leadership. 
      • It allows students to participate in a variety of activities that are non-academic and non-athletic. 
      • It is a great way to know more people outside of the classroom setting. 
      • It can be a source of positive peer support and motivation that can have a positive effect in the classroom. 
      • Studies show that schools with House systems have happier students and have more school spirit than they did before a House system was implemented. 
      • Students have the opportunity to engage with teachers from different grade levels & students. 

    Each of the six houses will represent a character trait and will be identified by a color and an animal.  Our houses will spell out the word LEADER because we are Liberty Leaders!

    L- Leopards, The House of Kindness, Yellow

    E - Elephants, The House of Diligence, Blue

    AAlligators, The House of Helpers & Encouragers, Green

    DDolphins, The House of Trustworthiness, Purple

    EElk, The House of Leadership, Orange

    RRavens, The House of Respect, Red

    Students will represent their house and work together to earn points.  Points help us reinforce the positive behavior of showing good character and being kind.  Students will earn tokens from the adults in the building, and a running total of house points will be kept and announced weekly.  There will be a friendly house competition throughout the year to see who will be our House Leaders at the end of the school year.

    We encourage you to participate in this experience as well! Ask your children about their house, help us show pride by wearing house colors, and get involved with our school community.  An online store will be available to purchase house spirit wear starting September 1, 2021.  Please watch for a note on how to order soon!

    Welcome To Our House!