Physical & Mental Health Resources

  • Parents and students in need of assistance with physical and mental health concerns may contact the following campus and community resources:

    The District's mental health liaison, Heather Chandler, Intervention Counselor, can be reached at or 817-444-7412. 

    Additional resources.

    Policies and Procedures that Promote Student Physical and Mental Health

    The district has adopted board policies that promote student physical and mental health. (LOCAL) policies on the topics below can be found in the district’s policy manual, available at Policy Online on the district website.

      • Food and Nutrition Management: CO, COA, COB
      • Wellness and Health Services: FFA
      • Physical Examinations: FFAA
      • Immunizations: FFAB
      • Medical Treatment: FFAC
      • Communicable Diseases: FFAD
      • School-Based Health Centers: FFAE
      • Care Plans: FFAF
      • Crisis Intervention: FFB
      • Trauma-informed Care: FFBA
      • Student Support Services: FFC
      • Student Safety: FFF
      • Child Abuse and Neglect: FFG
      • Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation: FFH
      • Freedom from Bullying: FFI