About DAEP

  • Established in conformance with the Texas Education Code (TEC), §37.008, a Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP) is defined as an educational and self-discipline alternative instructional program, adopted by local policy, for students in elementary through high school grades who are removed from their regular classes for mandatory or discretionary disciplinary reasons. A DAEP may be located on-campus or off-campus in adherence with requirements specified in §129.102.
    In Azle ISD, the DAEP classrooms are located off-campus at 483 Sandy Beach Road. All DAEP guidelines are outlined in the Azle ISD Student Code of Conduct. Additional information about the Azle ISD DAEP can be found on this website.
    Azle ISD does not permit a student who is assigned to DAEP to participate in any school-sponsored or school-related extracurricular or co-curricular activity including seeking or holding honorary positions and/or membership in school-sponsored clubs and organizations. Students assigned to DAEP may not be on any campus within Azle ISD for any reason and may not attend school-related extracurricular or co-curricular activities, programs, or events on another school district's campus.
    For additional information, please contact Chris Hill, AISD DAEP Coordinator, by email at chill@azleisd.net or phone at 817-752-2150.


  • We believe that there are four building blocks to create a successful Disciplinary Alternative Education Program.

  • Academics

All staff at Azle ISD DAEP are certified teachers. Work for students assigned to DAEP comes from the home campus. Our teachers will assist students in their learning and supplement assignments as needed.

  • Attendance

In addition to being state law, attendance is the only way to ensure your student has the opportunity to gain points towards dismissal from DAEP.  Students need to be present when they are physically able to do so.  Make sure to read the DAEP Guidelines on the PARENTS tab for what to do when your student is absent.

  • Behavior Management and Social Skills

While at DAEP, students will be presented with multiple opportunities and methods to learn and apply behavior management and social skills for coping with the stresses of school.

  • Clear Expectations

The expectations for everyone at DAEP can be summed up in three words - READY, RESPONSIBLE, and RESPECTFUL.

READY - get plenty of sleep at night and be in dress code when you come to campus.

RESPONSIBLE - complete work when it is assigned; take ownership of your actions

RESPECTFUL - common courtesy goes a long way

Students that consistently apply those three things can be successful in DAEP, their home campus, and the community.

  • Low Choice

Our goal is to help your student get back to their home campus as quickly as possible. For this reason, the choices at DAEP are very limited and privileges must be earned through having successful days.

  • Accountability

One of Mr. Hill's life philosophies states, "I am not a product of my circumstances.  I am a product of my decisions."  Assignment to DAEP is a consequence of the students' decisions.  All rules at DAEP will be strictly enforced.  Therefore, students should keep in mind that their decisions at DAEP also have consequences.

  • Building Relationships

While we hope that your students stay at DAEP is as short as possible, we will do all we can to get to know and help them out in any way possible.  Keeping students accountable will not be successful without building relationships.

  • Parents

The success of your student at DAEP depends on us working together.  You can always call or drop in to talk with us about how your student is doing.

  • Home Campus

We will communicate with teachers when students are assigned to and are expected to return from DAEP.  Our teachers also communicate with your student's home campus teachers on a regular basis.  There is no substitute for the learning that takes place from the home campus teachers so we encourage them to come to the DAEP campus whenever possible.