Mastery STAAR Class

  • You were put in this class to improve your reading and writing skills. Good news! I’m great at helping with that. This year, we are going to read and write a lot. You should always have something to read (you never know when the mood will strike). Being literate is so important to every part of your life. You need to read and write well to get and keep a job, go to college or other post-secondary school, and be a productive member of society. We will also practice for the STAAR test specifically. If you pass your test, you will earn an elective period back! We don't have STAAR scores back yet; I'll let you know when I know.


     Expectations and Course Outline


What I'm Reading

  • Afterparties: stories

    by Anthony Veasna So Year Published: 2021

    With nuanced emotional precision, gritty humor, and compassionate insight into the intimacy of queer and immigrant communities, the stories in Afterparties deliver an explosive introduction to the work of Anthony Veasna So. 

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