Meet the Teacher

Course Syllabus & Expectations

  • Grading Guidelines

    • Daily Grades
      • 60%
      • Minimum of 12 per 9 WEEKS term
    • Major Grades
      • 40%
      • Minimum of 3 per 9 WEEKS term
    • For more details, please refer to the AHS Handbook. 

    Semester Exams & Exemptions
    All students must come to school to get an exemption on semester exam day. All students will have a maximum of 4 exemptions. Students can not exempt out of a course that has a state-mandated EOC exam.

    To receive an exemption in a class the student must attain the following criteria for each class individually:

    1. 2 absences per semester: 85 or above grade average
    2. The student may not have attended either DAEP or ISS.
    3. The student may not have a missing/unpaid textbook, equipment, uniforms, etc.
    4. The student may not have a missing/unpaid library book or fine.
    5. All Chromebook forms and fees must be completed.
    6. The student must have started on the first day of the semester.
    7. AP students must take the corresponding AP exams to become eligible.
    8. College days do not count against exemptions.

    Make-Up Work
    Assignments/tests can be made up after absences. Students are to complete the work not to exceed the number of days of consecutive absences.

    Late Work
    Students can turn in work until a major grade is taken over the content or unit. A grade of 80 is the maximum grade for late work.

    Canvas Parent Account
    Any parent can easily set up a Canvas account to monitor their student's progress. Please follow these directions: Canvas Parent Account Set Up


    Email is the easiest way to get in touch with me. Please feel free to contact me whenever you need at I will be sending emails throughout the year with any important announcements or information about your student and our class so please make sure your email is up to date in our system.

    My conference time is during 4th period (11:15 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.)

    We are here to make sure your student is supported and successful!
    Let's have a great year Hornets!