Volunteering in Azle ISD

  • Notice from TEA - School systems should restrict visits in schools to only those essential to school operations. Azle ISD requests that visitors, volunteers, and parents honor the TEA recommendation until further notice.

    Thank you for volunteering with Azle ISD!

    In an effort to ensure the safety of all students and staff, Azle ISD implements security checks for school volunteers. All volunteers must submit an online application to the district and receive clearance from the district before volunteering at any school or chaperoning any school event.

    Volunteers are identified by two different categories: Level I and Level II. Details for each level are listed below.


    Level I requires the presence and supervision of an Azle ISD employee at all times. Level I volunteers are the same as visitors. Examples: reading/listening/visiting a class, supervised teacher helper, lunch guest, attending class parties/programs, career day, parent-teacher conference, award ceremony, book fair/spirit store patrons. Required check: National Sex Offender Registry


    Level II allows interaction with students without an Azle ISD employee present. Examples: field trip chaperone, school dances, field day, one-on-one tutor/mentor, book fair/spirit store workers, unsupervised helper in the classroom/hall/outside, all other unsupervised activities. Required checks: National Sex Offender Registry and DPS Criminal History

    When completing the application, only choose the level that corresponds with your volunteer activity.


    English:   https://apps.raptortech.com/Apply/MzU1Mzplbi1VUw==
    Spanish:  https://apps.raptortech.com/Apply/MzU1Mzplcy1VUw==

    Please allow up to two weeks to complete the process. All volunteers will be required to remain in the presence of an Azle ISD employee at all times until applications for Level II are approved.

    Thank you for volunteering and your cooperation as we work to complete this process!