Azle I.S.D. Temperature Guidelines


    Athletic Practices - Extra Curricular Activities - Physical Education 

    The extremem heat, cold in our region is a concern to the health and safety of our students.  Heat and cold injuries cannot always be prevented, but with the education of coaches, sponsors, and instructors, and controlled practice procedures, heat and cold related illnesses could be minimized.  The following temperature guidelines have been established in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for students participating in outdoor activities in Azle I.S.D.  The listed temperatures, heat indexes, and wind-chill factors are desidnated figures for terminating outdoor activities including:  High School and Junior High Athletic Practices, High School and Junior High Extra-Curricular Activities, Secondary, Intermediate, and Elementary Physical Education.  Exposure duration and frequency of breaks should be modified as the temperatures approach the listed recommendations.  The Azle I.S.D. Athletic Training and Sports Medicine Department will notify respective staff members and administrators of current and projected weather conditions when necessary.  Email notifications will be sent at approximately 11:0 A.M. regarding heat-related contitions, and approximately 8:00 A.M. regarding cold-related conditions.  It is the responsibility fo each coach/sponsor/instructor/ to ensure these guidelines are being followed.  

    The listed temperatures, heat indexes, and wind-chill factors are designated figures for terminating outdoor activities.  

    heat cold chart