“Putting Child Nutrition First”


     SFE Brand Promise

    SFE is dedicated to K-12 child nutrition, and it’s all we do.  We fuel students to reach their highest potential through delicious, fresh-from-scratch meals that they love.  We deliver student-approved menus with unmatched variety.  And we serve it all up with 5-star onsite support that guarantees increased participation and revenues for schools wherever we go.

    SFE’s Approach:  Our 3 key pillars to success

    1. Superior, Fresh-from-Scratch Food:   Over 75% of our entrees are made fresh-from-scratch.  We seek out the best ingredients, sourcing locally whenever possible. We season with herbs and spices.  We also take great pride in offering the widest variety of fresh fruits and vegetables of any provider, including up to 15 items on our salad bars.  And we present every meal so that it looks as delicious as it tastes.  We want students to be excited to eat at school--and nourished to learn.
    2. More Menu Choices:   With a collection of over 3,000 on-trend recipes, SFE is committed to keeping our menus fresh and exciting for students.  We offer the widest variety of custom cuisines in the K-12 industry, and our nutritionally-balanced menus are specially created for each district—with plenty of student feedback along the way.  We want to be sure that every single student can look forward to finding the foods they love.
    3. 5-Star Onsite Support:   SFE provides world-class culinary training, along with a dedicated team of culinary, compliance, nutrition, HR and operational professionals for every school.  We host regular nutrition and culinary education programs for students to help them build healthy food habits for life.   And we are committed to retaining 100% current food service staff, the ones who know your students the best.  We value their input, well-being, and engagement, as we work together as partners to help every student feel like a guest.