School Board Trustee Elections

Helpful Websites

    • Texas Election Code - Sections 141.001 (eligibility requirements) and 141.0031 (application requirements)

    • - Provides election tools, deadlines, dates, rules, and links.

    • Texas Secretary of State - The Secretary of State serves as the Chief Election Officer for the state of Texas, assisting county election officials and ensuring the uniform application and interpretation of election laws throughout the state. This office may be contacted at 800-252-VOTE(8683) or 512-463-5650.

    • - The Texas Secretary of State created this site to provide election information such as where to vote, what to bring, what the process is like, and much more, in a user-friendly format. This site also provides information on becoming a registered voter in Texas.

    • Texas Ethics Commission - The Texas Ethics Commission assists with the political advertising/campaigning process in the state of Texas. The Commission provides guidance to candidates and political parties to maintain equality for all involved in the election process. The Commission may be contacted at 800-735-2989 or 512-463-5800.

    • Texas Department of Transportation - The Texas Department of Transportation provides information regarding the placement of campaign signs in relation to the highway and public land. This office may be contacted at 512-416-3030.