Asthma 411

  • Azle ISD has entered into a partnership with Cook Children's, JPS, and UNTHSC to participate in Asthma 411.

    This program allows Azle ISD nurses to administer emergency albuterol to students who are experiencing an asthma emergency and do not have medication available on campus. This allows immediate treatment for a student that may have previously required the time and expense of a 911 medical call from the school to transport for treatment, or a parent taking the student to an emergency room for treatment.

    If a student is experiencing an asthma emergency, a phone call will be made to the parent, a message will be left if they can't be reached, and emergency albuterol will be administered to the student. The school nurse will determine if the parent needs to pick up the student for further emergency care or the student can safely return to class.

    Unassigned Prescription Asthma Medication

    In accordance with Chapter 38, Subchapter E of the Education Code, the board has adopted a policy to allow a school nurse to administer an unassigned prescription asthma medication on a school campus to a student with diagnosed asthma if the nurse, in his or her professional judgment, reasonably believes the student is experiencing symptoms of asthma that warrant administration of the medication and the district has obtained prior written consent from the student’s parent or guardian.

    The school nurse may only administer unassigned prescription asthma medication to a student on a school campus. Please be aware that a school nurse will not always be available at a campus to administer this medication.

    “Unassigned asthma medication” means a fast-acting bronchodilator delivered by metered dose inhaler with single-use spacer or by nebulizer as a rescue medication, prescribed by an authorized health-care provider in the name of the district with a non-patient-specific standing delegation order for the administration of an asthma medication, and issued by an authorized health-care provider.

    For additional information, see policy FFAC(LOCAL).