Rules for Competing (TAP)

  • Texas Awards Program (TAP) 2021-2022

    These Texas Awards Program (TAP) event guidelines are for Texas events only. These will be used at the Texas State Leadership Conference. The NAP guidelines will be used at the state level except for the number of entries.

    FBLA members should print a copy of the NAP event guidelines and any rating sheet(s) and be responsible for following the guidelines exactly. Knowing and following the NAP guidelines is the responsibility of the student member and failure to follow the guidelines will result in a penalty or disqualification. 

    Advisers should use the TAP, NAP, and the SLC Registration Packet to ensure that competitors are correctly registered, online and home-school production tests are administered as directed and all materials are submitted properly by the stated deadline. 

    If there are questions, please contact the Texas State Adviser, D’Ann Matlock, at or 210-452-6677. 

    Review the Texas Awards Program guidelines for changes to events, event summaries, and additional information.

Special Information

  • Please be aware of the following regulations that affect the Texas Awards Program:

    • Attendance at SLC. If a chapter enters any competitive event, an adviser must be present at the SLC and must help administer the competitive event program; otherwise, all competitors from that chapter will be disqualified.
    • Adviser Assignments. All advisers and adults attending the SLC are required to help morning and afternoon to ensure that the competitive event program occurs.
    • Finalists Notice. Finalists will not be notified prior to the SLC. In events with early elimination (reports, electronic submissions) the maximum number of finalists presenting at the SLC is 10.
    • Pre-Submitted and Electronic Entries. Deadline dates and the method of submission will be given in the SLC Registration Packet which is sent to advisers registered on the Texas ListServe and is posted on the state’s website.
    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Texas FBLA meets the criteria specified in the Americans with Disabilities Act for all participants who submit a special needs request to the State Adviser prior to the SLC registration deadline.
    • National Clusters and NBEA Standards. Consult the National Awards Program for this information at, FBLA, Competitive Events, Event Guidelines, and Rating Sheets.
    • Format Guide (NAP). Competitors in Computer Applications and Word Processing are allowed to use the Format Guide for the production portion of the events. The Format Guide can be found in the National Awards Program.
    • Fair Use. All competitors using materials from other sources must document those sources; check the Format Guide pg. 141 for instructions.
    • Events Entered. An individual may enter one individual or team event. However, a student may enter an event and be in recognition events such as Who’s Who. A student may enter chapter events and another event. No changes to scheduling or the assigned order of presentations will be made to accommodate competitors entered in multiple events.   
    • Entries Per Chapter. A chapter may enter up to four competitors in events with an online test only. A chapter may enter two individuals OR teams in events with an online test and a presentation, where the online test is used to determine finalists. One entrant per chapter is allowed in all other events. Who’s Who may have one entry per chapter, plus any state and national officers.
    • Repeat Competitors. See FBLA Competitive Events
    • Repeat Projects. Once a project (such as a Community Service Project) has placed at the SLC, that project may not be used again for competition purposes for at least five years.
    • Event Audiences. Preliminary events are not open to an audience. Final rounds for events with topics given at the SLC will also not be open to an audience. Competitors in an event may not be in the audience during any presentation of that event. Space availability may limit audiences.
    • Recognition for Chapter Membership. To receive recognition for chapter membership, such as Largest Percentage of Increase, the chapter must be present at the SLC.
    • Awards Attire. Students not appropriately attired will not be permitted on stage to accept awards. Chapters leaving immediately after the Awards Ceremony should make arrangements for students to change into travel clothes after the session.
    • Winner Changes. No placement changes will be made after the conclusion of SLC.
    • Awards. Awards not picked up during the awards ceremony will not be mailed to winners. If you will not be available during the awards ceremony, make arrangements with another adviser to pick up any awards your chapter may earn. Unclaimed awards will be returned to the supplier for credit.
    • Return of Materials. Rating sheets, reports, media submissions, etc. will be available for pickup immediately following the awards ceremony at the SLC. Any materials not picked up will be thrown away immediately after the session closes. Materials will not be mailed to chapters. If you will not be available immediately at the close of the awards ceremony, make arrangements to have someone pick up materials for you.
    • National Competition. National Awards Program guidelines allow each state to enter four (4) competitors in every national-level event. Since we recognize only five places on the state level; we will not go past fifth place to certify state winners for national competition. If two state winners cannot attend, Texas FBLA will not have a full contingent in the event.
    • Materials from the NLC will be mailed only upon request and only if the name(s) of the member(s), the event, and the school are provided. A self-addressed, stamped envelope must also be provided.