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World Geography Syllabus

  • Welcome to World Geography! This year we will be covering the physical and human geography of 10 different regions of the world including all aspects of physical and human geography, but not limited to: landforms, climate, population, religion, economy, and history. 

    This is a fast-paced class and we will work. The purpose of this class, in addition to teaching you about the geography of our planet, is to prepare you for World History. This is not going to be a “sink or swim” class. I will be here to help you every step of the way. I will guide you through all of the assignments, projects, and activities. It will be a lot of work and a lot of fun. I hope you will enjoy this class as much as I will enjoy teaching it.

    Required Materials for Class

    • Chromebook charged and ready to go
    • Pencil or pen
    • Loose-leaf paper for critical writing and LEQs
    • Spiral-bound notebook or a binder for notes


    • I expect that all students treat everyone with respect. We will respect one another and each other’s abilities, origins, beliefs, and preferences.
    • You may not use your phone. You must have a school-provided Chromebook. 
    • I expect all students to have their Chromebook charged and ready to go every single day.
    • I expect students to complete their assignments by the posted due dates.
    • I expect my students to take notes. Powerpoint presentations will be posted in Canvas on the same day after class. In class, it will be your responsibility to take notes in the required notebook. Notes are graded. We will use them every single day. 
    • I expect honesty from all students. Taking responsibility is honesty. If you don’t complete an assignment, own up to it. I will be much more likely to offer an extension if you are honest.
    • Completing your own work is also honesty. Cheating, collusion, and plagiarism (taking credit for someone else’s work) is dishonest and will not be tolerated. If you are caught cheating on a test, DBQ, or other assignment you will receive a zero for that assignment and will be punished to the fullest extent allowed.

    Policies and Procedures
    When you arrive to class I expect you to have your materials out and ready to go by the time the bell rings. Every day there will be a bell ringer on the board for you. It will give you instructions about what materials you need, what website you need to go to, or what handout you need to pick up. I expect this to be on your desk ready to go when the bell rings.

    If you need to use the restroom, go during passing period. Come in, put your stuff down, get your handout or Chromebook ready, and then check in with me. Do not ask me in the middle of class if you can go to the restroom unless it is an absolute emergency

    Projects and DBQs

    • We will do a DBQ (Document Based Question) every six weeks. These projects will require students to read several documents of information over a specific topic. Students will analyze the documents and then form an answer to an essay question using information from the text. 
    • We will also do weekly critical writing assignments or CWs. These are short 2-3 paragraph responses to a question. All of these assignments (DBQs, LEQs, and CWs) must be the student's own work. 
    • At the end of each semester, you will have a project due. More information regarding the semester project will be sent home at the beginning of the last six weeks of each semester.

    You must have your notes in a notebook or binder. I will not accept crumpled pages of loose-leaf paper from the bottom of your backpack, just like AP teachers and college professors would not accept work in that manner. Sometimes your “notes” grade will include your graphic organizer and sometimes they will be two separate grades. This is up to my discretion. It is in your best interest to complete both assignments and not assume that they will be combined into one grade.

    Late Work
    I will not accept ANY late work. If you have extenuating circumstances you MUST come and talk to me about it in order for me to extend the due date.

    Retesting Policy
    Tests and quizzes are due on the day they are assigned by the end of the period. If you are absent on the day of a test or quiz it is YOUR responsibility to make up that test or quiz either before or after school. You are NOT PERMITTED to take tests or quizzes on your cell phone. You must use a Chromebook.

    I expect you to be at school every day. We will be moving quickly through these units and missing one day may cause you to fall behind in class. I understand that sometimes people get sick, have a family emergency, doctor appointments, etc. If you are absent check Canvas for your assignments

    You don’t have to wait for me to tell you to do your notes when you come back after being sick. I will not print out copies of notes for you. All assignments, notes, and power points will be in Canvas. That is not permission for you to regularly miss class or not take notes; they are a grade! 

    If you miss too many class days you WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT for the class. If you are caught skipping class (yes, I can tell if you’re skipping) proper disciplinary action will be taken.

    Students are welcome to come to tutorials any day before school. I am available most days. I arrive at school each day by 7:30 am. 
    I also offer tutorials after school on Thursdays from 4-5 pm.

    Cell Phones
    Cell phones are NOT PERMITTED in class. Every student is issued a Chromebook. If for some reason you do not have a Chromebook, I will have class iPads that you are welcome to use. 

    You may not use your phone to complete work in Canvas, take tests, or look up information or notes in class. The temptation to use cell phones for activities other than classwork is too great. If you are caught with a cell phone I will take it from you for the remainder of the period. If it happens again I will take it for the remainder of the school day. If it happens any subsequent times, your phone will be turned in to the office and a long-form referral will be submitted to your assistant principal.

    Student ID
    You are required to have a visible ID around your neck at all times while on campus. This is a district policy. If you are in my classroom and do not have an ID on around your neck (not tied to your bag, not in your pocket, not in your backpack – around your neck) you will receive a one-hour after-school Wednesday detention each time it happens. Your warnings are the announcements that are made daily regarding visible IDs, reminding students to wear them around their necks.

    Emergency Drills (or Actual Emergencies)
    During emergency drills, students are expected to act as they would in a true emergency situation. Students should take all emergency drills seriously. If we evacuate for a fire drill, students should remain orderly while outside and upon reentering the building. If we are in the hallway for a tornado drill, students are expected to behave appropriately and not be loud or rowdy with other students. If we are in the classroom for a lockdown drill, students are expected to be SILENT. Cell phone use during emergency drills is prohibited. Drills are meant to prepare students for how to react during an actual emergency situation. If students do not take drills seriously they will put themselves and others in danger during actual emergency situations.

    Contact Info
    I hope you will enjoy this class. I’m very excited about teaching it and I’m looking forward to having all of you in class. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. My email is or
    You can also connect to my Remind at