Grading Policy

  • Students will be graded using a 80/20 break down.  Eighty percent of the students grade will be based on summative assessments, major class projects, and some practical cooking exams.  Twenty percent of the students grade will be based on formative assessments, kitchen/lab work, lab professionalism, and career rediness skills. These skills will include teamwork, professionalism, attitude, and work ethic.  Most food that is produced will be shared not only with the teacher but in class as well for evaluation purposes. Feedback from these sessions will be typed by each student and submitted online to the teacher.
    Students will be evaluated on written assignments, quizzes, lab assignments, projects, and tests.  Grading is subject to teacher assessment at any time.  Daily participation and effort is necessary for completion of this course.  Student's final grade is calculated on a total point basis.
    • A- 100-90%
    • B- 89-80%
    • C- 79-70%
    • D- 69-60%
    • F- 59% and below

    Evaluations will be based on classroom work, quizzes, lab work, lab assessment, projects, and written tests.  Grades will be recorded on School.  Student's competencies will also be recorded upon completion as mastered, partially mastered, not mastered, or not presented.

    Timelines are set for all assignments and projects the students are given.  Class time is provided for the assignments.  Students may have some work at home.  The following is the minimum penalty for students handing in late work; students turning in work any time after the original due date will be eligible for 75% of the original points assigned at a minimum.  Late assignments must also be turned in during the six-week grading period that they are assigned.  Once a new six-week grading period has begun, the late assignments from the previous six-week grading period may no longer be accepted and will be counted as a zero.  Any fraudulent work handed in by the students will result in a 0 and be reported to the office for discipline.