What do I do When….

    (Procedures for Coach Bone’s Classroom)


    1. I enter the room at the beginning of class:

    - Make sure I have my supplies-pen or pencil (glue stick & map colors if needed)

    - I pick up my Journal

    - Have a seat quietly

    - Check the board for bell work instructions.

    - Complete my bell work silently, or wait for further instructions from Coach Bone.


    2. I enter the room after the bell rings:

    - Knock on the door.

    - Wait patiently for Coach Bone or a student to answer.

    - Give Coach Bone my pass.

    -  Pick up my journal and walk to my desk silently without disturbing anyone.

    - Read the board and begin working or wait until Coach Bone can give me instructions.


    3.   Someone else knocks on the door or enters the classroom after the bell.

    - Continue working or wait silently for Coach Bone to begin teaching again.


    4. Coach Bone needs my attention:

    - Watch for his hand signal (one hand in air) or his count down (5,4,3,2,1)

    - Quit talking.

    - Look at Coach Bone.


    5.  I need Coach Bone’s attention:

    - Raise my hand and patiently wait for Coach Bone to answer my question.


    6.  I need a new writing utensil:

    - Hold my pen or pencil in the air.

    - Patiently wait for Coach Bone to signal I can sharpen my pencil or borrow one of his sharpened ones until I can get mine sharpened.


    7.  I need to leave the classroom:

    ·         Bathroom breaks:

    -Don’t ask because you should go in between classes.

    -Coach Bone will use his discretion for “emergencies”.

    ·         Illness:

    - If I am about to be ill, I will quietly and quickly exit the classroom to find the nearest bathroom or trashcan.

    - I will return for a pass to see the nurse. (You must have a pass to go to nurse)

    ·         Being called out by any of the AJH offices:

    - I will quickly and quietly gather my things and exit the classroom.

    - See # 2 for the proper procedure for reentering the classroom.


    8.  I see on my iPad or watch it is about time for the bell to ring. The bell does not dismiss you, Coach Bone does. Be patient, Coach Bone will get you out in plenty of time to make it to your next class.

    - Wait till Coach Bone tells me to gather my things.

    - Wait till Coach Bone dismisses me.


    9.  I have been absent and need Make-Up Assignments-I will stay in Coach Bone’s room AFTER class and pick up the assignment that was missed.

    - I will have one day for every day I was absent to complete my make up work before points are deducted.



    10.  I need to turn in late work or make-up work:

    - I will make sure that I have put the correct date on my paper.

    - I will place Late Work in the tray that is designated for my class- LATE.

    - I will place Make-Up Work in my tray under my Period Number. (It is not considered late, and points will not be deducted on make-up assignments)


    11.  I hear an emergency alert signal:

    - I will wait for Coach Bone to tell me to line up in the hallway, or where to go in the classroom in case of emergencies. (Tornados or Lock Downs)

    - I will walk in a straight and quiet line to the designated area. (Fire)- we go out back door down to gym parking lot and stand in a straight line. 


    12.  I am ready to turn in my work:

    -I will wait for specific instructions on where assignments are to be turned in.  These may vary by each different kind of assignment.

    -If no specific instructions are given, I will leave it on my desk, face down, until Coach Bone is ready to pick it up.



    13.  I finish my work early:

    - I will read my library book or finish work from another class quietly.

    - I may get my iPad out ONLY if Coach Bone has given instructions I may do so.


    14.  An announcement is made over the speaker:

    - I automatically become silent and listen to the announcement.

    - Once the announcement is over, I will begin working once again.


    15.  I move into groups:

    -  I will listen to Coach Bone’s instructions carefully before I began gathering my things.

    -  I will listen carefully to my group placement

    -  I will move silently to my designated area when I hear Coach Bone say, “Go”.

    -  I will work quietly and cooperatively with my group members.

    -  I will not leave my group to go to see what another group is doing or to visit for a minute.


    16.   There is a substitute: (Very important!!!!!)

    -  I will treat them with respect.

    -  I will quietly complete my work.

    -  I will be aware of the rewards and consequences of my chosen behavior.

    -  I will refer to # 12 if I complete my work early.


    17.  I want to throw my trash away:

    - Leave it on my desk – If Coach Bone doesn’t throw it away during class, I can throw it away on my way out.

    - I will not interrupt class to ask to throw it away.

    - I will not get out of my seat during class to throw it away.


    18.  Cell phones will ONLY be allowed in my room if permission has been given. (iPads are preferred)  They need to be silenced before you enter my room.  If they are used for anything other than the day’s assignment or they go off during class, they will be taken up.  You will be able to get it back at the end of the day in the front office for a fee of $15.  They are not to be used for games, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, or texting.  You will be allowed to use them during some projects and some assignments.  I EXPECT you to be responsible in cell phone usage!