iConnect - Azle ISD 1-1 Initiative

  • Information for 7-12 Grade Students

    Beginning with the 2020-21 school year, all students in grades 7-12 will be issued a Chromebook. You will be required to sign the Student Device Signature page to receive a device. If you would like to complete this in advance, please visit the Student Device Signature Agreement link and print the paperwork.

    Students will be given a Google account when they are issued their Chromebook. This will be used to log in to their device. 

    Additional Information

    If there is damage to the iPad a student was issued, there are repair fees. Please see the Student Device Agreement for a fee schedule. If you have to pay a fee, please note that we only accept CASH or CHECK as payment. 

    Please make sure your child brings their iPad with them fully charged. Uncharged iPads will slow the exchange process down. If the iPad is uncharged, there will be a charging station off to the side where the student and parent will have to wait until it is charged enough to turn on and configure.

    If you have never been issued an Azle ISD device, please make note of the following information -
    Every student that is getting an iPad or Chromebook for the first time will need to sign the Student Device Signature Page along with their parent.