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Degrees and Certifications:

Rudock, Trish

Important Information

  • All medications (prescription and non-prescription) MUST be brought to the clinic by a parent/guardian.

    AED Locations on campus: 
    1.  Outside the front office
    2.  Main Gym
    3.  Athletics - Coaches have two portable AEDs. These are taken to the field/track during each practice, and taken to home and away games.  


    • Students must be in class 30 minutes of a 45 minute class to be counted present.
    • Students enrolled in Spanish I, Algebra I, or Health need to be in class 90% of the time to earn credit.
    • If they do not attend 90%, they may lose the credit and will need to repeat the course in High School.


    • Parents need to call the day of the absence to be excused for illness.
    • Notes from home need to be sent within two days of return to be excused.
    • Students signed out are not excused until a doctor or dentist note is brought in.
    • If your student called from the nurse’s office and you did not talk with the nurse, the absence is unexcused.
    • Going to the nurse’s office does not excuse an absence. A note from home is still required within two days.
    • If your student calls or texts to pick them up (outside the nurse's office), the absence is unexcused.