March 2nd – 6th

Everything is BIGGER at The Rock

Thursday (3/5/15) – Our LEARNING is bigger at The Rock

Awards Assemblies 1:30 pm – 5th grade

2:15 pm – 6th grade

Friday (3/6/15) – Our SCHOOL PRIDE is bigger at The Rock

Wear Azle School Spirit Gear

Student Council Activities in March

Student Council will sposor a toiletry drive will beginning March 16th ending April 8th.  These will be donated to the Community Care Center. 

Student Council will also sponsor a "Jump" into spring with crazy socks will on  March 18th.




Success night


 Azle Elementary


Tuesday, March 17, 2014


Schedule of events

STAAR Testing Parent Awareness Session – Presented by Principal Deel


Helping Children Deal with Stress and School Testing- Presented by the Parenting Center.


Please email or call Communities in Schools, Project Manager Michelle Patterson to reserve your spot.

mjpatterson@azleisd.net or call 817-444-1312



AE was the recipient of a whole school grant from the AEF. The purpose of the grant is to build an OLC (Outdoor Learning Center). Mr. Cook wrote the grant and his vision is stated below.

I want to create a sustainable long range plan to establish an outdoor learning center focusing on Native Texas species and hands on learning.  The center will have a walking path with metal stakes identifying the plants. Among the plants on display will be native Texas species and watering techniques found in xeriscaping.  The outdoor learning center will also contain a “disappearing stream”.  When the Stream is not on it will be used for demonstration to show the effects of water erosion on the rocks.  Contained in the stream bed will be “river rock” that has been rounded and smoothed by water.  The stream will also be a model of erosion and deposition with the formation of a delta.  There will also be a cross section of the earth to show students about the layers of sedimentary rocks.  Included in the rocks will be fossils of both animal and plant life.

The entire center will contain native grasses and native wildflowers.  Included in this will be a non-mow area.  In the fall teachers and students will seed the wildflower area with mud balls containing native Texas wildflowers that will be emerging in the spring.

It will be irrigated via a rain water line from an extension of the existing water line that services the school grounds.  The outdoor learning center will have rich biodiversity showcasing all of the biomes found in the Cross Timbers Region.  Included will be gardens, filled with organic soil and dressed with organic mulch.  This will allow teachers to provide hands on demonstrations of the life cycles of plants, and to conduct experiments.

Please fill take a few minutes to take our survey and watch our video about the project. http://goo.gl/wny5xJ

Video Link-http://goo.gl/YqRZoi

2013-2014 Rock School Reprt Card


NEW  Pick Up Procedures

Morning Dop-Off will be Lane "A" only for safety reasons.

Please note the new procedures for drop- off and pick-up.

There will be 2 lanes side by side. Please be aware that children will be crossing cars in the crosswalk area by the marquis. The lanes are marked "A" and "B" and flow one way only, to the West. The new exit on the west side of the building is one way exit only. Please note the diagram for clarification. The circle drive will no longer be used at all. This should facilitate the drop-off process.