Setting up Accounts for Students and Parents to Access Parent Portal

Students and parents can pick up their parent portal letter from the school. This parent portal letter has a Student Portal ID. These IDs need to be secured. If the Student Portal ID is compromised, grades, attendance and schedule information can be accessed.

1. On your phone or tablet – download the Azle ISD App.

2. Inside the app, click on student info icon.

3. You will see the login page.

4. **Many users already have a Parent Portal login. If you do, you can login with the same credential you use on the TxConnect website.

5. All others will need to create a new Parent Portal login.

6. If you need a login, click on the New User link.

7. Create a username

8. Add your email

9. Create a password

10. Choose a security question

11. Create a security question password

12. Click the Add Student Link.

13. Add the Student Portal ID from the Letter that was given to you.

Food Service Resources

Parent Online - use this link to add money to your student's lunch account or check their balance



E-Mail Sent to Azle Junior High Staff: 

Parents, please include the words "Parent of (student name)" in the subject line of your email to teachers and/or school administrators.

Due to the complexities of filtering software, sometimes legitimate messages are blocked out.  Adding this information to the subject line will allow us to identify your requests.  Thank you for your help in this matter.