Correspondence Courses and Credit-By-Exam (CBE) for

students who have failed a grade:


Azle Junior High School accepts correspondence courses and credit-by-exam that are taken through Texas Tech University Distance Education. Courses must be a 70 or higher.  

Credit-By-Exam (CBE) Grade Requirements

· If the student fails a course and has been in the course previously for the entire semester, then the credit-by-exam can be taken for a passing grade of 70.

· Each course is evaluated on a semester-by-semester basis. If the student has failed a course due to attendance, the credit-by-exam can be taken for a passing grade of 70.

· A passed Credit-by-exam may be used to average with a failed semester of the same course. (Example: credit-by-exam grade of 80 for 1stsemester science can be averaged with a 2nd semester course grade of 65 for a passing grade for the year.)

· A failed credit-by-exam cannot be averaged with a passing score to gain credit for a course. (Example: Credit-by-exam score of 65 in 2nd semester History cannot be averaged with a 1st semester grade of 75 to pass the course for the year.) 

Correspondence and Online Courses 

Students may take correspondence or online courses through Texas Tech Distance Education to replace a course that was failed. Correspondence courses and online courses include a series of lessons and a final exam. A score of 70 on the final exam is required to pass the course for remedial credit. A passed correspondence course can be averaged with a previous failed semester in a course to pass for the year. (Example: A score of 80 for a 1st semester English correspondence course can be averaged with a 60 in the course for 2nd semester to pass for the year.) 

Contact Information 

Texas Tech University Division of Outreach & Distance Learning

Box 42191

Lubbock, Texas 79409

Phone 1-800-692-6877 (1-800-MYCOURSE) FAX 806-742-7222



For "Testing Out" of 8th grade:


A secondary student from Azle ISD has the opportunity to skip a grade by mastering a test for each of the core areas of study. As a parent, you do have the right to have your child accelerate to the appropriate level. The following steps must be taken and it is up to the parent of the student to get all the registrations within the particular timeline. 

For a student to accelerate or bypass a grade, he/she must pass both the Fall and Spring exams with an average grade of 80 or better. If any of the four averages do not meet the 80% bar, the student will not be allowed to accelerate past the grade. 


The student is required to take two exams for each of the four (4) core areas of study:


1.   ELA 8

2.   Mathematics 8

3.   Science 8

4.   US History 8

· The exams are approximately $40 per semester and are the family’s responsibility to pay the costs.


· The exams will be sent to Azle Junior High and we will proctor the examination during the month of June.

· It is the responsibility of the child/parent to schedule times for the examinations to be given.

· Azle Junior High will then mail the exams back to Texas Tech for grading.

· The results will come to the family, and is their responsibility to notify the school of the scores.