All meetings will be held on Fridays during 8th grade lunch and 7th grade WIN TIME.

All members will be required to have a document signed by a parent and the member as well as the funds for the t-shirt turned in to become a member.  Students may opt out of purchasing a t-shirt.

Let the 2014-2015 school year begin.

StuCo Officers 2014 - 2015

President: Lauren C.

8th Grade Vice-President: Abby D.

7th Grade Vice-President: Christian F.

Secretary: Chrystyne H.

Treasurer: Haley Huchowski

Sponsors: Mrs. JL and Mrs. Smith

Dance dates are

Semi-formal: Saturday, January 31

End of the year Blackout: Friday, May 1


Recycling Committee: Get your recycling every Friday during WIN TIME. Only get the room you are assigned unless the person next to you is absent.