General membership will be asked to join the 3rd week of school. 

All meetings will be held on Fridays during 7th grade lunch and 8th grade WIN TIME.

All members will be required to have a document signed by a parent and the member as well as the funds for the t-shirt turned in to become a member.  Students may opt out of purchasing a t-shirt.

Let the 2014-2015 school year begin.

StuCo Officers 2014 - 2015

President: Lauren C.

8th Grade Vice-President: Abby D.

7th Grade Vice-President: Christian F.

Secretary: Chrystyne H.

Treasurer: Haley Huchowski

Sponsors: Mrs. JL and Mrs. Smith


Recycling Committee: Get your recycling every Friday during advisory. Only get the room you are assigned unless the person next to you is absent.