Business Office    

Monica L. Miller
Director of Finance
PH: 817-444-0805
Fax: 817-270-2255


Cynthia Daniels
Secretary to Director of Finance and Operation
Phone: 817-444-0805
Rhonda McConnell
Phone: 817-444-3701
Cassandra Kay
Phone: 817-444-2167
Karen Kidd
Payroll Clerk
Phone: 817-444-2831
Angie Frey
Accounts Payable
Phone: 817-444-2717
Tammie Rickert 
Accounts Payable
Phone: 817-444-2742
Kristy Scribner
PEIMS Coordinator
Phone: 817-444-2343
Shelley Unger
Substitute Coordinator/Payroll Assistant
Phone: 817-270-1156