SAT/ACT/THEA Information

THEA Test - All Texas 4-year colleges require an entry  placement test called the THEA (Texas  Higher Education Assessment) or for a student to be exempt from the THEA by qualifying scores on either the TAKS Test, SAT, or ACT.  Students should send their TAKS scores to the colleges they are considering to determine if they are exempt from the college entrance exam based on their TAKS scores.  Students can register for the THEA test online at or paper/pencil registration packets can be picked up in the counseling office.

2-year colleges also accept the THEA test as an entry test, but many 2-year colleges will also accept entry tests such as the Acculacer and the Compass tests.  These tests are usually given on the college campus and can be scheduled through the 2-year college the student plans to attend.  Students may be required to take the THEA before going on to 4-year college, so some students prefer to take the THEA rather than an alternative entry test such as the Accuplacer or Compass.

If a portion of the THEA or other entry placement test is not passed, the student will be required to take remedial classes in the subject areas not passed until that portion of the entry placement test is passed.  Students will be allowed to take regular college classes in subject areas passed on the entry test or subjects that are not covered by the entry test (such as electives).

SAT and ACT Tests  - 4-year colleges in Texas and across the United States require either the SAT or ACT test.  Each college can set the required score for entry to their institution.  Most colleges will accept either the SAT or the ACT.  Some students take both tests. Students can take these tests as many times as desired.  Students can register for the SAT test online at and for the ACT at   or paper/pencil registration packets can be picked up in the counseling office.

Test Preparation - Each Fall (and occasionally in Spring) Azle High School offers a Test Preparation Seminar for the SAT and ACT.  This seminar is taught by a company that gives seminars all over the United States .  The expense of the seminar is the student's responsibility.  Seminar date information can be obtained in the Counseling office, will be in the daily announcements and published in the newspaper, as the date approaches.  Test preparation booklets can be downloaded from the SAT and ACT websites.

Other SAT and ACT test preparation websites: