Junior High Parent/Student Handbook

Our goal is to create a safe, challenging, educational atmosphere where your child can develop self-confidence, strong character, and a sense of positive self-worth.

Morning procedures

Upon arrival to school, students report to the Main Gym NO EARLIER than 7:30 AM. Doors will remain locked until 7:30 AM. No FOOD or DRINK allowed in the gym. Students may eat breakfast at 7:35 AM each morning. Students will stay in the cafeteria, and be dismissed at 7:50 AM. 

After school procedures:

If your child rides the school bus and does not know his/her route number, you may contact the Azle ISD Transportation Department at 817-444-1322 or AJHS at 817-444-2564 for more information. Staff members will also be available to give this information to students on the first day of school.

If your child is parent pick up, designated pick up areas are in the gym parking lot. Cars are not permitted in the back (south side of building) or the east road parallel to School Street beside buildings. These areas must be clear of traffic to allow buses to pick up children. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring student safety!

Detention-Lunch and After School

  • Lunch detetion is held DAILY in room #9. If a student fails to report to lunch detention they will be assigned to after school detention.
  • After school detention is held Tuesday and Thursday in room #45 from 3:15-4:30pm. If a student fails to report to after school detention they will be assigned to ISS (In School Suspension) the following day.

AJHS Bell Schedule





8:00 – 8:40





8:45 – 9:25





9:30 – 10:20




10:25 – 11:05






7th Grade A-Lunch/ 8th Grade WIN TIME


8th Grade B-Lunch/ 7th Grade WIN TIME















1:50 – 2:30





2:35 – 3:15











Bus Discipline Guidelines

Transportation is a privilege.  Students being transported on Azle ISD school buses shall comply with the Student Code of Conduct.  Any student who fails to comply with the established rules of conduct will be subject to disciplinary action, and may be denied transportation service.  It will then be the responsibility of the parents to transport the student.  Discipline referrals will be sent directly to the campus principal of the school that your child attends.  Student will be responsible for delivering referral to parents.  Any bus misconduct will be punished in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.  Punishments may include removal from the bus, detentions, SAC, or DAEP.


Driver Discipline Measures for grades 7 & 8:

¨   Verbal warning for inappropriate behavior. Documentation to campus.

¨   1st written report – Conference between student and driver.  Driver will assign student a seat. Documentation to campus.

¨   2nd written report – Transportation Office will contact parent. Documentation to campus.

¨   3rd written report – Off bus 3 days

¨   4th written report – Off bus 5 days

¨   5th written report – Off bus 10 days to a month

¨   6th written report – Off bus remainder of semester

¨   7th written report – Off bus remainder of year


Cell Phones:

Use or visible possession of a cell phone is prohibited during school hours between the beginning and ending of the school day, Monday through Saturday. A device in the "on" position is considered 'in' use. Non-visible possession is allowed. Cell phones are allowed on campus but cannot be visible, heard or used on campus during the school day. When a telecommunications device is confiscated, it will be returned only to a parent or guardian for a fee of $15.


Absence Notes Required

When students are absent, they must bring a note stating the student's full name, days and dates absent, and the reason for absence. This should be signed only by the parent or legal guardian. This note must be presented to the attendance office before school so that the student may be admitted to classes. Students who do not bring a note will be given an unexcused absence.