Feel free to ask questions concerning the Facilities Maintenance Department.

We'll do our best to provide answers to those questions!

1)  What are your hours of operation?
2)  How do I get help with my Facility Maintenance problems?
3)  When will the grounds be mowed?
4)  I have unwanted pests/rodents in my classroom. What do I do?
1)  Q What are your hours of operation?
Our regular hours of operation are Monday - Friday from 7AM until 4PM. We are on call 24 hours a day to answer your emergency calls. If you have an emergency, contact one of the number listed below:

Office: 817 444-7181
Supervisor, Greg Lee - Cell 817 401-0237
Lead Mechanic, Greg Sessions - Cell 817 235-2581
2)  Q How do I get help with my Facility Maintenance problems?
Use the Employee Resource Tool - EDUPHORIA (use the Work Order System Link on the left) to submit your work order requests.

Work Orders are processed by Priority.

As always, if you have an emergency, contact us using the EMERGENCY CONTACT link located on the left.
3)  Q When will the grounds be mowed?

Our grounds are handled through the Facilities Maintenance - Grounds Department. This group is responsible for the mowing edging and shrub trimming thorughout the year. The following schedule is attended to during most of the growing season: Monday - Eagle Heights Elementary / Silver Creek Elementary Tuesday - Forte Jr. High / Hoover Elemetary Wednesday - Azle High School / Azle Jr. High Thursday - Walnut Creek Elementary / Old Church / Liberty Elementary Friday - Cross Timbers Elementary / Azle Elementary There are two personnel which currently maintain these particular facilities. In the fall, winter and early spring, they are busy trimming trees, filling holes, landscaping, preparing lawn treatments, etc. Weather plays a big part in this schedule. During the rainly seasons (typically early spring and late fall), the crews will change schedules depending on ground softness. In addition, our crews may work overtime as required in order to return the grounds to the optimum condition. "Stickers" (Cenchrus tribuloides) are generally treated in January and/or February. Spot treatments may also be required throughout the year, but winter is the premium time to treat them.


4)  Q I have unwanted pests/rodents in my classroom. What do I do?
Please make a note of the type, number, location and frequency sited. Enter the information in the Pest Management Log located in the main office of the campus affected. Then report the problem in EDUPHORIA (link is located on the Menu Bar on the left).

We have a Pest Management Company on contract which will come by once a month to inspect the log and provide treatment (or alternatives to treatment) as required.

A 48 hour notice must be posted prior to any chemical treatments (there are exceptions to these rules, but for the most part, notification will be provided at the main entrance of the campus).

Our Pest Management Company will often visit during after school periods, evenings and weekends. This gives the company a better chance to spot the problem and treat as required without personnel affected.

There are a few times a year when we can do everything humanly possible to prevent unwanted pests and yet, we will still have isolated problems:

Cricket season
Rodent season

Fall is the time of year when these unwanted pests are beginning to look for warm, winter homes. They are looking for food supplies, water, and of course, shelter from the cold. Help us eliminate these problems by eliminating the products they are searching for. Please do not store food products on the floor, in desks, lockers or any other place. Please help us by cleaning up any food products left behind. Roaches for example, can live on a crumb of bread for several months. And all they need are a few drops of water to last them several weeks.


Ants are often a separate problem. Many times, they are after the same thing; food and water. Then there are rainy seasons which drive them to higher ground.

Once you report your findings in the log book, please send a work order request through the EDUPHORIA (located on the Menu Bar on the left) work order system. This may seem redundant, but the Pest Management Company will use the campus book during routine inspections to look for specific problems located at a campus. Eduphoria will hep the Facilities Maintenance Department track and trend problems throughout the District and this also helps with reporting to the State.