DRESS CODE    2015-2016


(A printable form of the Dress Code is attached at the bottom of this page)


Research has proven students learn best when they're comfortable in their environment. The issue isn't dress as much as it is promoting a climate in which all students feel comfortable, well received, and there’s mutual respect among themselves, other students, faculty and staff. This is what we want to cultivate and dress is directly related. We're teaching responsible behavior, and teaching them how to present themselves in a positive manner. The student’s dress and grooming should not lead school officials to believe that such dress or grooming will disrupt, interfere, disturb, or detract from school activities. Our goal is to create an environment that will promote learning for every student.



 Dress Code – Local Policy

The district’s dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, instills discipline, prevent disruption, avoid safety hazards, and teach respect for authority.  The student’s dress and grooming shall not lead school officials to believe that such dress or grooming will disrupt, interfere with, disturb, or detract from school activities.  Student’s dress shall not create a health hazard to the student’s safety or to the safety of others.


The student’s dress shall not conflict with dress code REQUIREMENTS listed below:



  • Students must be cleanly shaven, with no beards or mustaches and sideburns shall not come below the bottom of the ear lobe and be well trimmed.  Sideburns must not measure more than one-inch (1”) in width.
  • Hair must be worn at a reasonable length, be clean, well groomed, and not interfere   with the educational process.
  • No florescent or unnatural hair color
  • No liberty spikes.  No spiked hair above 3 inches.
  • Mohawks are not permitted.
  • Faux hawks must be appropriately faded to not be considered a Mohawk. Administrator discretion for approval.
  • No decorative shavings in hair allowed.



  • Skirts, dresses, shorts, and skorts must measure no more than seven inches from the bottom of the HEMMED garment to the center of the knee cap.  If there is a slit in the front, back, or side of the garment, measure the length from the top of the slit, not from the hemline.  The top of the slit must meet the 7” rule.
  • Pants and jeans, including all shorts, must be hemmed at all times.
  • No yoga pants, leggings or pants that give the appearance of leggings. The only exception allowed is dark colored leggings may be worn under skirts/dresses/tops that measure 7 inches from the middle of the knee.
  • Jeans and pants may have holes no larger than 2 inches in length at or below the knee. All holes above the knee must be patched with material sewn or glued in or have iron-on patches.
  • No degree of sag in reference to pants will be allowed.  All pants must be worn at the natural waistline and any loose pants will require a belt.  This means that if jeans or pants are loose at the waist, a belt must be worn.
  • No hats, caps, hoods, bandanas or other head coverings will be worn in the building.
  • Any garment with decorations, patches, lettering, advertisements, etc., that may be considered obscene, offensive, or lewd are not to be worn to (at) school.  This includes, but is not limited to, any garment or accessory (jewelry) with weapons, any drug emblem, tobacco product, beer, wine, or any type of alcoholic beverage advertisement on the garment.
  • Transparent and/or see-through material will not be worn to school.
  • Low-cut necklines will not be worn to school.  No amount of cleavage will be shown.  Shirts and blouses must cover the entire torso at all times, even in movement (example is when raising your arms).  Shirts must cover the entire crown of the shoulder and be at least two (2) inches in diameter.
  • Tube tops, halter-tops, spaghetti straps or strapless dresses are not allowed.  (This includes being worn under other clothing.)
  •  No tank tops or sleeveless shirts will be allowed for boys.
  • All students must wear shoes at all times.
  • No shoes with skate wheels
  • Clothing must be gender appropriate
  • Regulations in reference to grooming and dress for special activities such as athletics or fine arts shall be under the direction of the principal.
  • Cheerleading/drill team uniforms must comply with length guidelines or be worn only at pep rallies and games.
  • No bandannas, handkerchiefs, knit caps, visors, hoods or any head covering.
  • No pajamas, pajama pants, sleep wear, slippers or house shoes.
  • No clothing that is or can be associated with identification to an unauthorized gang or organization will be worn.
  • No trench coats or dusters.



  • Any type of piercing is not allowed at school with the exception of ear piercing. Students may not wear spacers or use Band-Aids to cover piercings
  • No spiked jewelry, gauge ear piercing, or any piercing that protrudes from the ear or may be considered dangerous.
  • Jewelry of a dangerous nature is considered inappropriate and will not be worn at school.
  • No Bracelets with vulgar or offensive language.
  • No make-up on males including nail polish.
  • No facial painting.



These are considered inappropriate for school, and include but are not limited to the following:

  • Sunglasses are not to be worn inside the building.  If sunglasses are prescription, approval must be given by an administrator for the glasses to be worn in the building.
  • “Wild Eyes” or other similar contact lenses may not be worn.
  • No chains or wallets on chains.
  • No gang related items.
  • No towels or shirts to be worn around the neck or shoulders.
  • No gloves worn in the building.

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